EDMS: Electronic Document Management System

Files and Documents are an integral part of any organization. The EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) is a complete end-to-end enterprise scale Document Management Solution which captures all facets of document management ranging from Document Workflows, Document Capture, and Document Archiving and Custom metatagging.
The design concept of our EDMS solution hovers around simplicity, flexibility & robustness. Organizations can easily attain 99% paperless office and operations using the EDMS solution.
RFID Fixed Asset Tracking

RFID Asset Tracking and Monitoring System

The solution utilizes RFID Fixed Readers, RFID Portals, Smart Hand Held Readers with excellent support for short and medium range RFID active and passive tags to provide seamless fixed and mobile asset tracking and monitoring features.
It is designed to provide a centralized, state-of-the-art solution that consolidates and manages data of Fixed Assets, Locations, Users, Vendors, custodians and much more. It also provides real time tracking and monitoring capability. Numerous reports have been built in to aid audit process and management decision making.


PhixoPay® is a web-based enterprise solution tailored and built with latest cuttingedge technologies for use by tertiary institutions; it provides a very secure and flexible platform for Billing, Payments, Fee-Workflow Automation, Reporting, Notification and User- Collaboration.

Did you know that:
"The average Nigerian Tertiary Institution LOSES above 200 Million Naira annually owing to manual billing and payment, poor payment verification, zero or no reconciliation, fee evasion and payment fraud by students"

With PhixoPay®, you can easily generate student bills, track fee payments, run reports, access dashboard and measure payment performance in real-time!
Transcript Manager

Transcript Manager

Transcript Manager® is a revolutionary enterprise software system designed to streamline and automate all process involved in Transcript Request Management. The solution provides a single window for Alumni to order transcript online, track delivery status as well as make electronic payment for transcript seamlessly. A dedicated module handles Transcript and Certificate verification in real time. Numerous reports and dashboards have been integrated to enable performance monitoring, easy accounting and accelerated decision making
Using Transcript Manager® Alumni can order and pay for for Transcript online from the comfort of their homes and offices as well as track the transcript request status from point of inception to point of delivery!

ESMIS: Enterprise School Management Information System

ESMIS Delivers flexible, robust, complete end-to-end school-process-automation (across all departments), data management and enterprise collaboration for Primary and Secondary Schools in Nigeria and Africa.

ESMIS provides a single, centralized plaform for all users and stakeholders involved in the running of the school; Deliverying numerous benefits to Teachers, Parents, Students, Administrators and School Owners.
ESMIS automates key processes like: Academic Records, Billing, Payment, Accounts, Store, Performance Monitoring, HR, Hostel, Transport etc. There are over 100+ reports pre-built and shipped with ESMIS.
A Mobile App (for Android and IOS) also exists for the ESMIS platform.
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Hemingway CBA

Hemingway CBA: Computer Based Assessment Solution

"By 2025, 60% of all schools in Nigeria will run their exams and assessments through Computer-Based means"
One of the major requirements for schools and organization is the need to automatically, schedule assessment & exams, grade scores and ability to schedule exams at multiple locations at a single time. This needs cannot be solved with Pen-and-Paper based Testing (PPT).

Hemingway CBA® id deployed in a 'controlled' environment that meets all required checklists for high availability and security. It is the right tool to solve your needs. It provides a very efficient way to guarantee a secure, consistent environment for Assessment and examination while significantly increasing the candidate's experience.
Hydra BCS

Hydra® BCS: Biometric Data Capture System

HydraBCS® is a Biometric Capture System that can be used to capture the complete biometrics of an individual namely; fingerprint, face, Iris and signature. This product was developed to meet the growing need of biometric systems in the country in area of ghost worker elimination. This product can also be used to for biometric enrolment and capturing data that will be used for biometric card printing. Biometric data is captured in compliance to standards already set by the International Standard Organization (ISO).

The HydraBCS® can capture iris information with any of the widely available iris scanner. It can also be used to capture signature data. Though this data is not used for any form of biometric verification, it is very useful when signatures are to be reproduced on cards or any other document so required. It can be used with a great number of signature pads.


"Cooperatives (and Associations) solve the general economic problem of under or over production, business uncertainty, and excessive costs. They address market failure and fill gaps that other private businesses ignore."

SmartCoop® is a digital platform designed for Cooperatives and Associations to automate book-keeping activities, records management, registrations, profile updates, contributions, withdrawals, loans, schemes and overall administration of the Cooperative/Association. Numerous reports are integrated for data analysis and decision support in one single click.

SmartCoop® also has a Mobile app (Android and IOS) for Members to keep tabs, view transaction history, send and receive notifications in realtime.

Irrespective of size, SmartCoop® will introduce a culture of efficiency and accountability for any Cooperative by as much as 90% in the first 3 months.

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