Hemingway Global Services Limited is an indigenous ICT company duly registered in CAC with RC 1179124. The vision for the establishment of Hemingway Global Services is the desire and will to effectively address the constantly increasing ICT needs of many businesses and government organizations in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. We strongly believe that small, medium and large scale organizations can attain a high level of success, if they adopt the right ICT tools.

Our software development and deployment process have been designed following industry best practices and world standards. Integrating the requirements of standard software development lifecycle is key to the success of a project and we do not take this for granted. We ensure that all the software project and deployment must pass through this lifecycle to ensure the success and sustainability of our projects.
With our expertise, we work closely with our clients to streamline business process and ensure that redundant steps are eliminated. This will create the enabling environment for the deployment of any software system that will finally automate a manual process.

In the past few years, we have deployed Enterprise Applications, Mission-Critical business solutions and various e-government systems.
The Working environment for Staff is conducive for creativity and innovation. One of our strengths as a company lies in focusing and providing the right welfare packages for staff. We know for a fact that 'Passion is the driving force that motivates people to achieve great work.'


To drive positive transformation of businesses (Private and Public) through ICT


Quality | Integrity | Perfection | Customer-Satisfaction


To be a renowned ICT Solutions provider to Nigeria, Africa and beyond.


To always add value wherever and whenever possible through technology based innovations